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About Me

I am lucky to have been coming to Muskoka all my life. I am a 4 th generation cottager on Tobin Island.  My family first came to Muskoka in 1884. I have a deep love and appreciation for the waterfront environment we all enjoy and the year-round economy it enables. I grew up on a farm where we raised
cattle and sheep so I know and appreciate rural life.


Professionally, I retired at the end 2015 as Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded high tech start-up company based in Markham and Palo Alto, Calif. Prior to that I worked for IBM in various senior management financial roles, including international experience in Brazil and the Caribbean.


I currently serve as a Board member of Safe Quiet Lakes, and I chair the Decibel Coalition, which is working with lake associations, municipalities and police forces from BC, Ontario and Quebec to have Transport Canada update small-vessel regulations to include decibel limits on boat motor noise. I also served eight years on the Board of the Muskoka Lakes Association in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

I have one daughter and two grandsons. Although I have a home in Toronto, I spend as much time in Muskoka as I can -- about half the year, including lots of time in the winter, after the lake is frozen!


Why I am Running

Four years ago, like many in Muskoka, the development at Legacy Cottages in Minett (which built 43 residences on just 430 feet of Lake Rosseau waterfront) was a wake-up call about the need for more controls on the development on our precious shorelines. I wanted to get involved and be part of the needed change. So I became a member of the Committee of Adjustment for the Township of Muskoka Lakes. Through this experience, I have gained significant knowledge about the Official Plan and bylaws and the issues facing Council.


I believe that the current term of Council and this next term will be a turning point in finding the right direction and attitudes towards development on our lakes. After a tremendous effort by the current Council, Official Plans for both the Township and Minett are in their final stages. This next Council’s job will be to develop and implement the accompanying bylaws.

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